There is a group of rich, white people who become afraid when poor, black folks start getting any kind of real power without their say-so.

Fear makes them behave irrationally. They do not like having a black President. They do not like poor, black folks getting food stamps, decent legal representation, or healthcare on their dime. They are afraid because the government they have influenced with wealth suddenly seems beyond their control.

So now we have fearful people messing with minority voter registration. They attempt to defund duly passed legislation and place arcane and capricious restrictions on things which give voice and assistance to unfortunate people.  They have righteous justifications for their actions. They repeat them aloud among themselves and to all who will listen until they believe them.

I am supposed to love these people despite this. I, too, do crazy shit when I am afraid.

The tragedy of all morally reprehensible behavior is that it makes it easier for people who are trying to be good to be bad. It seems it is easier to hoard with hatred than be generous with love.  May higher powers help us. Let us pray.

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