Asking a cat to swim

I had a few words with a person I’ll call an “advisor” today. Not my shrink; that was yesterday. (I need a lot of advice, so I have people.)

Here’s what he said (advisor, not psychologist): “Here’s your assignment for this week. It’s to not have an opinion on anything.” He said that!

Of course, he knows that’s like asking a cat to swim. I have an opinion on everything, including your footwear. Especially your footwear.

I may have to stay in the house for a week. That can’t be healthy, right? It’s springtime, and the ornamental cherries are snowing all up and down my street. People are wearing flipflops. I have strong opinions about flipflops, and men in madras.

I did recently promise to not be contrarian, TFN. I had to N pretty quickly, though. Probably after going to Whole Foods, or reading a tweet about pancakes, which makes me respond without thinking, “pancakes are not food.” But that isn’t opinion; it’s fact.

So this will be harder. Maybe I need to call and get some clarification on this assignment.

I have some thoughts on it.

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